Here are my Winter Windtraining workouts that I teach classes using.
These are workouts where you put your bike into a windtrainer.

Each season I would come out to the group rides in great form – and now that I am no longer racing, I am releasing my winter windtraining workouts that I did for so many years to prep my body for group rides and for racing Pro1,2.

Climb Faster: Fly up hills with this 4 month training plan

These workouts will make you
1) Leaner!
2) faster!
3) stronger!

Bike WindTrainer

The Winter Wind Training classes is a series of on the bike workouts that will best prepare you for the Spring rides and upcoming race season. The workouts have been laid out so that you will come into the season in your best possible shape, with out being burned-out.

The workouts Build on intensity from one week to the next.

– These workouts can be done on the Windtrainer or outside!

What to expect:
-Heart rate based intervals of varying length and time each week.

-Steady state intervals for climbing and Time Trialing

-Individual Leg Training (ILT) for forming perfect pedaling circles

-Spin-Ups to increase leg speed

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Bike WindTrainer

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