why motorists hate cyclists on the road

Dear cyclists,
If you think about it, it’s not really you, (well, most of you anyway – ride 3 abreast with a car-back & it IS you!) motorists are mostly just angry with anyone else (traffic) on the road. And if you are on the road also, well that just makes you an easier target of their annoyance. They can honk, yell, scream, intimidate & just press the gas pedal for a quick get-a-way.

Odd thing is that most cyclists hate cars driving behind them as much as anyone else!

Here is a timeless eye opening video:

Did you notice the names given?! Mr. ‘Walker’ – Mr. ‘Wheeler’ I would have said Mr. ‘Motorist’.

I think the trick to this is, don’t escalate things & don’t allow them to bother you emotionally. And remember, it’s not just cyclists that motorists are angry with – it’s anyone that is ‘in their way‘ or ‘slows them down‘, so try not to take it personally.

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