Weekend War-rior

A great weekend of (Finally) Mt biking! On Friday my dog Apollo & I headed up to Blankets Creek to meet Amy & Luna. We got in a lap at Dwelling w/ the dogs & then a lap at South loop before the sun was setting.
On Saturday I got to ride with Artur Sagat (Hungarian U23 National road podium’er), Ryan Murray @ Ride America 2010, his brother Eddy Murray & Chris ‘my last name is too long to post’ Constatine. I had forgotten how technical Big Creek is, as we swooped around the course 4 times. Artur chatting on all the climbs….. I’m hoping to finish the video clip of the ride this afternoon – I’ve crashed more the past 2 weekends – guess that what happens when you get amped up Mt biking!

Sunday I got in a true LSD ride! 50 miles at Silk Sheets…. I would have done more, but I left a lot @ Big Creek, plus my iPod died at mile 35 – I should have not left it out in the cold car the night before!

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