Video Mt biking at FATS

I got out last month and met up with some friends for a ride at FATS Mt bike trail. If you have never been there, let me tell you, it is like going to a pump track! I remember saying to the group, ‘you just can’t jump each one, you have to select which one’s your going to jump, because there are so many”.

I tried to time some of the music to the events in the video, whether each person jumping a jump in line, or a crash.

It still amazes me how much footage I end up cutting out before getting what can be put into a video with out it being over 5 minutes long. And I think this video is a bit too long, but I tried to warrant the length with crashes, passes, jumps, and whoops.

This video is actually the 2nd video from the day (here is the First). It is amazing how different people can change the dynamics of a ride. I was glad I wasn’t wearing a Heart Rate monitor!

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