Track Rock Gap

Since I was already in North GA for my chainsaw cert, and we finished earlier than I had expected, I decided to drive a little further North in an attempt to find the supposed Mayan ruins. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about searching for the ruins ahead of time.

I was basically driving blind with my ‘smart no-phone’ searching the internet for the article and the maps for location. All the time knowing that the article that mentions the location is saved in my old email… but my phone only keeps current email.

Luckily my memory of the area from riding the Gaps (local info: you turn North before the base of Jacks Gap) was able to lead me pretty close to where it is. I pulled into what was listed at TrackRock campgrounds.

Entrance to TrackRock area

After about 10 minutes of driving back through this area, I stop and asked where the Mayan ruin site is, luckily this person knew and I headed back up the road. Just as I think this lady sent me on a wild goose chase, I come across the TrackRock Archaeology sign, and pull into the parking lot.

TrackRock sign

I head off down the trail which looks quite well traveled, and come up to the spot of all the Petroglyphs (fancy name for old etching on rocks). And the USFS? has put up signage to explain what you are looking at and what the symbols supposedly mean.

Main description sign at Archaelogical site

I check out the different rock drawings, and read each signage…. yet, I was expecting more.
As I’m looking around, I hear voices coming from across the street. A couple is walking down a trail on the other side of the road. I chat with them about the trail, they said it was steep, but magnificent views along the ridge line. This is the start of the Arkaquah trail, which leads up to Brasstown Bald.

Arkaquah trail.

Unfortunately for me, since I did the chainsaw certification until about 3, I don’t have enough time to explore that side of the road.
So, I continue to explore what I am lead to believe is the Mayan ruins area. As I look and hike around the area I come across many large rocks that seem to be closely piled, but nothing to be suspicious of. As I explore some more I realize that there are some actual areas to take notice of, but are covered up in leaves. I’m sure the pictures will not do these justice for that reason.

First, I was curious if these were part of the irrigation system.
part of the Irrigation system?

Then there were several places where there were large depressions? I’m not sure if these were natural depression or archaelogical digs, from scavangers or what?

This was the only picture I got that seemed to convey the depth of the area.
Sunken area above the Petroglyph site.

Either way it was pretty interesting and I headed off down the trail less traveled to see if I could find more. Later I found what appeared to be a terraced area that seemed to match what the article had described. Although it was on the other side of the parking lot from the stones that were engraved.

I also found a trail that started to lead up the hill. As I followed it, I started to pick up some trash that had been left behind by other people. The last several weeks of picking up trash have been some interesting finds for me. And this trip was no exception.
How old would a can have to be to be a pull-top beer can?

Back in the day this was the High Life. Notice the pull tab.

Having my hands full as I hiked, I decided to set down the cans since I could grab them on my way out and continued hiking up the mountain for awhile. I saw a fairly interesting rock ledge, but nothing else really worth mentioning. After a half mile or so, the sun was dropping behind the Mt., and I decided that it was getting a bit late. As I headed back down I suddenly heard some rustling noises & stopped to try to figure out what it was. As I stood there the rustling leaves got closer and closer. Then suddenly 2 Turkeys crossed about 50 yards ahead of me in the direction I was heading. As I stood there motionless, they meandered along their way. Fortunately I was far enough away that I don’t think they noticed me. I still heard rustling so, I got out my camera-phone and waited until, to my left another Turkey crossed in nearly the same spot. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t zoom much and you really can’t see the turkey, but he is there, just over the cans that I set down. After he was on his way I picked the trash back up and headed back down the Mountain.

Turkey crossing.  Look just over the can in the center.

Shortly after this I hopped back in the car and started the drive back. But suddenly I had to stop along the road, and I quickly got this picture.

Mother Natures way of saying “come back soon”.
Mother Natures way of saying 'come back soon'

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