Too fast too soon

I was visiting my nephew Austin, he was on his push scooter & asked me to push him. So, I start pushing him from room to room around my sister’s house.

We get going and Austin is having a blast & of course wanting to go faster, faster! As we go cruising around the house, I have to slow down because their Labrador jumped up to see what all the fuss was about. She had to jump out of the way, and now she thinks it’s a game of chase.

So, here we are ready to get started again, and the dog is on the other side of the kitchen wanting us to chase her. I psyche up my nephew (Austin) and say ready, set, GO! and I start pushing him full bore chasing the dog. We are off to a great start, straight through the kitchen, but as we start getting towards the dining room, my nephew must have been a little concerned about looming kitchen table and starts to turn – a bit too early.

Between my legs, and my nephews reaction, he had turned his little push scooter too soon, catching a handle-bar on the frame of the dining room, causing him to immediately be ejected off the scooter and onto the floor. Suddenly, the next thing I know, I have gone from pushing my nephew full bore, to that awkward standing on the tips of your toes, arms swinging wildly, while trying not to step on my nephew that I just crashed. I’m looking down at him, figuring for sure he got hurt or at the very least is about to start crying. He looks up at me & says “Uncle Stephen, let’s not go that fast”.

I couldn’t help but just nod my head & say Ok. Although it freaked me out at first, shortly after it was pretty funny.

Oddly enough I have done the same thing to myself (in a different scenario). I have finished the road racing season and hopped on the Mt bike, get out on some trails and let the legs start cranking & suddenly my speed becomes greater than my skill & Boom you crash.

If speed becomes greater than skill and curves/corners are involved, you will crash at some point. So, remember in the off season it is always a great time to sharpen your bike handling skills – whether that is Mt biking, cornering, holding a straight line.

Don’t neglect the basics.

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