The Snooty Racers

I had the chance of getting out with a group of riders yesterday that stayed away from the main group, of racers! Because of our late start time the fast group doing the longer option was able to catch us on the way back to town.
Now it’s not what you think about each of them. There are some great folks in that group, you see it’s just that they are going to fast to be able to chat much. I saw 3 different groups Sunday morning & I rode with 2 of them. The 2 that were riding at a conversational pace were well… conversational. The 1 that wasn’t, well, they were too focused on the wheel in front of them to be chatty.
In the meantime on our ride, I got to meet some really cool laid back folks that were not interested in racing in November. The great thing about base mileage (conversational pace) is that you can chat with other people while taking turns at the front, making some jokes, getting to know other riders, all while still passing the mileage quickly!!

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