The Quick check that saved many rides

Wednesday, I was driving down the road, heading for a Mt bike ride with friends that was about an hour away from my house. I had to do an errand on the way out & just as I had finished and before I got on the interstate I decided to check the roof rack (I was a little rushed as I put it on and it never hurts to check). It was on solid, but that check made me do my other essential parts check – Helmet, Gloves, shoes…CRAP!!! ….. Shoes?! I gotta go back.

Luckily, instead of finding out 3 miles from the trails, I was about 3 miles from my house. 10 minutes later and I was back on the road, all my gear that I needed and once again, headed out for my ride.

Don't want to forget these!
Don't want to forget these!

Many times I have saved my rear or a friends by asking those same simple things: Helmet, shoes, gloves, Front wheel? And if it is not 1 of those things, it will cause them to think through everything and possibly remember something else that they have forgotten.

Check lists are such a good thing! I can’t remember how many times that has saved my butt, but I can remember the 3-4 times that I did forget my shoes and once a helmet for a ride, it sucks! This quick checklist is much better!

Some of the things that are on my checklist
1) Helmet
2) Shoes
3) Gloves
4) Front wheel
5) Bottles

If you are traveling by air to a cycling destination – ALWAYS put your cycling shoes and pedals into your carry-on bag! If you loose any part of your cycling equipment – the shoes are the hardest to borrow and the most expensive to replace!

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