The Head-Butt

If you haven’t yet seen stage 11 of the 2010 Tour dr France, then stop reading now…. or maybe watch the video first of the sprint finish because really, what else was there?

The finish of this stage saw a Cavendish lead out man Renshaw head-butt Farrar’s lead-out man Dean apparently because he came to close to him and nearly impeded his movement. A) he wasn’t totally holding his line B) he was starting to impede the line of Renshaw.

I have chatted with a couple great sprinters & they seem to feel that this was all fair in a top-notch sprint such as this. Too bad we didn’t get to see a 2 teams, 2 separate line, Sprinter vs. Sprinter!
I don’t think I blamed Renshaw for the first head-butt, I guess he needed the 2nd to get his point across as Dean clearly didn’t realize the point that Renshaw was making, but the 3rd was clearly cause for a DQ.

Now, watch this, after the sprint finish they re-play in over-head slo-mo.

Now tell me you don’t blame Renshaw for that head-butt! Dean makes a move to his left and puts out an elbow towards Renshaw impeding his forward line. Maybe he didn’t handle it the best, but when you have Cavendish on your wheel and your job is to lead him out, you have to keep moving forward, but suddenly another lead-out man starts cutting you off?

However, the officials may see all this a different way:
– “History shows that a headbutt will get dq’d from stg result (mcewen2005,Zabel 97)”
– “History also shows that looking over shoulder at rival then taking them to barriers will also get u dq’d from stg results”
– “History will now show that combining the 2 aforementioned tactics will get u sent home…greater than the sum of it’s parts”
-Robbie McEwen

Regardless of what you feel about Renshaw’s actions during the stage, I think that it was the right call to make from the officials based on this.

1 thing is for certain that will come of all this….. Head-butting, coming to a Cat4 race near you!