cyclists knee pain

Knee pain is awful! Back in 1999, mine was so bad that I had to take about 6 months off the bike…. and during that time I visited several different people from different fields of health care while I was attempting to figure out why I was having such intense pain.

I didn’t have a traumatic accident, I had just raced the weekend before, on Monday I rode around on the Mt bike with some friends, did my usual Tuesday evening intown Atlanta slug-fest & on Wednesday…..BAM! I couldn’t even ride to the ride. I had to turn around and pedal home with one leg, it was that painful. I went 6 months without riding at all.

I went to Physical Therapist, and then a knee doctor who said he could A) give me a cortisone shot, B) cut my IT band, or C) let me take the Homeopathic route….. which also meant ‘figure that out on your own’. I was confused & didn’t know where to go next for help.

Finally after Spring came around someone suggested I see a chiropractor, let’s call her Dr. Sukie. She checked out my leg & suggested that I get a massage. I steadily got massages once a week for two months and my knee slowly got less painful & less noticeable when going up and finally when going down stairs.

I started to get back out on the bike & I was very thankful to be once again cycling. I was over-weight and of course, slow – but I didn’t have any knee pain!

Later, I learned about foam rollers and doing Myofascial release on them. It is basically a self-massage that you can do most anywhere.
check out the guide on myofascial release guide.

Now when someone tells me they have knee pain or tendinitis, I can almost immediately tell them where the pain is coming from and how to do myofascial release to get rid of it!