the Lance consequences

When people asked me questions about Lance Armstrong making a comeback 2 years ago, they were asking if I thought he could make a comeback to that level of competition…. my answer was I don’t think he ‘should’.

you mean could, correct?
No, I mean Should.

Honestly, I thought he could and probably would make a comeback and compete at the level of the top Tour de France riders. After his previous other wins, what could really stop the guy? training time? preparation? Have a crew of support people at your mercy 24/7? Those were all clearly out of the question.

To me the real question was Should he attempt a comeback. And my reasoning behind this question is now rearing it’s ugly head – doping scandals.

So, Lance is clean and gets off scott free? America is no longer the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ that it used to be…. But what if Lance is convicted of any doping charges – my concern is what Tarnished effects it will have on A) overall cycling B) the LiveStrong community.

How could it be tarnished you ask?
well, it has started already:
Lance Armstrong arrives for his latest press conference: on Twitpic

There has always been a background controversy surrounding allegations with LA, but now they seem to be even closer to dropping the gavel not in his favor. But LA doesn’t need finances in any way and I’m sure he has very thick skin from so many days in the saddle – but the cancer community and his foundation may suffer because of his ego under the guise of ‘comeback 2.0 for cancer awareness’, which may end up giving LiveStrong the opposite effect.

Once again, many folks outside or on the skirts of cycling maybe asking several questions about why?
Well, I wondered the same thing 2 years ago. Why? Like many greats you got away from the sport ‘clean’ – Should you chance that with a comeback? I guess only time will tell if Lance’s reputation will be for
A) winning 7 TdF’s
B) starting such a great foundation to fight cancer and inspire Millions
C) be another cyclist that got busted for doping (and possibly getting 7 Yellow jerseys revoked)