Get better at Turning

Want to get better at turning? Many people lack confidence which is usually a lack of practice cornering.

Start out on a small 4 corner loop, and gradually build up your confidence of leaning the bike over through the turns. As always you will get better with practice.

-Always try to slow down before getting to the turn, then if possible do NOT brake while you are in the turn. Braking while in the turn maybe sometimes necessary, but should be avoided. If you must brake, try to only feather the rear brake.

-Something to remember is that I rarely ever pedal through a turn. I’ve had close calls, and hopped the rear wheel a time or two. I was lucky, and now, if I think it maybe close I just don’t pedal. Better safe than get run over.

Want MORE practice? Go to the Mountains and climb up a twisty road, then descend down the same road. Start off easy, brake before the turns. Try not to brake in a turn.

Something that helps me is once I brake early for a turn, I will occasionally turn slightly harder than I need to make it through the turn. By doing this, you know you are going to easily make the actual turn, but you get the feel of how tight you can make the turn. This will gradually boost your confidence.

As you keep doing this you will slowly build up more confidence in your bike handling skills.

Another tip is to watch track motorcyclists go through turns, focus on their steering.
Remember, make gradual adjustments and the improvements will come.