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Along with the passing of Steve Jobs, so it seems is the passing of 1 of cycling’s best technological advances, the iPod. Yes, Once Apple iPod was named cycling’s greatest technology advancement by Velonews in 2003?


This got a velonews technological advancement not necessarily because it was bicycle oriented, but because it made those 6 hour days in the saddle much more tolerable! Now suddenly you could have a upbeat song in your head instead of some lame children’s song or a Guns & Roses love ballad – for hours on end.

Some people complained that you can’t hear anything while riding w/ headphones, but I never listened to my music that loud, I just liked having a rhythm in the background. I would hear most cars approaching just as anyone else would, I would hear anyone conversing with me and infact I once overheard a conversation about me that they didn’t think I could hear…. which was basically ‘does he always ride with headphones?’ Answering that question often stopped the conversation.


One thing that I loved about my 2nd generation iPod that the iPod’s predeccessor, my Android phone, (that has replaced my iPod for long rides now) doesn’t have is a wired remote. With the wired remote, I could pause, fast forward, rewind & change volume as I pedaled. Now I have to use 1 hand and take the risk of dropping my phone to do that.

Now many years later the iPod is being phased out. But it’s impact is still felt in the technological advances that we have today, including iPhones, Androids, and iPads.

“Computers are like bicycles for the mind.” ~Steve Jobs
Prompting the quote “iPod therefore iRide”.

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