Snow and Ice weekend

Snow and Ice this past weekend in Atlanta.  This being fairly rare means that many people raced, ahead of the storm, – to the stores to grab what little bread & milk that was left on the shelves.  Then to blockbuster/netflix to rent a half dozen movies to entertain themselves.

Atl Snow Days
Snow Day

As I went out for a mid-day hike on the local ‘rails to trails’ Silver Comet it appeared that not many people were willing to get out.  The only other footprints were of a couple local kids and a couple runners.  Too bad because the after math of the storm that rolled through made for a beautiful day.  Sure it was chilly out, but I was able to layer enough clothing that it didn’t seem bad at all.

Because of all the ice on the roads I decided against the ‘skinny tires on Ice’ routine.  Finally on Sunday I headed up to Sixes rd.  I was surprised by the number of people that I saw at the local Mt bike trails on Sunday!  I think that I saw as many young kids as adults out.  Maybe everyone was cooped up too long.  I rode with some other friends and no one was complaining of the cold.  It was a really great day out, even though the temps were below freezing.  The right gear can make the difference between enjoying the outdoors and avoiding it.

I actually broke out a pair of tights that I haven’t worn in many years.  I usually wear 2 pairs of bibs and 2 pairs of knee warmers.

I am a little disappointed that I have not had a chance to try out my new Neofleece combo scarf that I got at REI.  I justified getting this after the WBL ride & a below freezing ride on fixed gear ride on the Comet.

Apollo snowMonday I got out over to Kennesaw Mt. and did a hike/run of about 7+ miles.  This was good for Apollo also, the running pace is an endurance pace for him.  So he can get more mileage with out having to go nearly as fast as when I’m on the Mt bike.  Running is a great way to increase your dogs mileage and endurance for when you 2 do go Mt biking.

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