Slow Rider ahead

I got a chance to ride with someone that was a bit slower than me. I knew this ahead of time and was looking forward to the ride anyway. Often I enjoy going at a slower pace….why some folks have trouble with that, I’m not sure why
Ask the Pro’s and most coaches and they will tell you that a big thing about training is that when you go hard – you have to go Very Hard! and when you go easy, you have to go Very Easy!!

So, I’m out Mt biking with a friend, and as we got going, I was able to cruise on the downhills and hit some of my favorite sections with some good speed. This was due to me being able to keep momentum, and being focusing on gaining more momentum from the terrain.

I was able to ride along at an easy pace, yet still hit some of my favorite sections w/ some pretty good speed. So, the downhill sections that I like so much were pretty much taken at the same pace, as I looked for different lines to take & different sections to challenge me.

I came into the climbs with a much lower heart rate than usual. I was able to take it easy on the climbs, which allowed me to have power in reserves for the steepest uphill sections and the same for the technical sections that require just a bit more finesse and strength.

Later I realized that I had more time to look for other technical spots that I usually was going by before I realized that it was there. I tried different techniques and/or lines going into or out of those sections. Heck, in 1 spot I did a wheelie to shift my front wheel into a different line – I would not have the time to do that if it was a race-pace ride.

I always seem to have more Fun than expected. Just a relaxed ride. So, the next time you go out with a friend that maybe a little slower than you, have fun with it – at their pace, they will get to enjoy the ride more also!

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