RIP Jeff

Cohutta overlook at sunset

Saturday night I got an email that Jeff had a bad accident while out Mt biking & passed away. I had the honor and privilege of sharing a ride, some laughs and a drink with Jeff. He immediately seemed like a great guy.

I really can’t imagine going out with a team mate & not coming back with them. This is what happened. A good friend of mine Derek, was just up ahead Jeff on the ride when Jeff had his accident. I texted him the next morning; his response was ‘the worst part is that the day had been so Awesome, until then.’

I’ve been thinking about that message – maybe too much. Yes, we never know when our time is up. Yes, we should all live life to the fullest – as much as possible. But what got me thinking is, when I go out, do I want it to be on a Bad day or on an Awesome day?

I get the same feelings about dogs. They give us so much, and when the time comes some folks can’t let them go. They may have operations done, or all kinds of medicine, or feel bad as the animal clearly is in lots of pain. A friend once told me he had to put his dog down…. ‘he lived a Great life with Great memories, he went out with those memories and not memories of pain.’

view of ceasar's head

I guess when I go, I want to go out with Awesome memories.
R.I.P. Jeff.

Here is an article with more information about the accident.

UPDATE According to the Autopsy Jeff died of a heart attack and no broken bones.

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