Preview of Cannondale Simon suspension

Here is a review video of the Lefty fork that maybe coming out…. curious about the pricing though!

Some HOT features is that it lowers the front suspension while climbing – Sweet!
The system can basically knows the difference b/w rider input and feedback from the terrain, which is directly incorporated into the lockout mode. So you stand up and dance on the pedals and the fork stays locked out; you hit a nasty root and the fork gives you suspension instead of blowing a seal.

Instant change of different modes for different styles of riding!  I don’t know much about tweaking a fork to suit my riding style….if it rebounds before the next bump and absorbs the shock of my landing then I’m good to Go.  Maybe a good idea for this fork is to help people get the feel of what a different set-up would be like?

Some of the not so cool features is the lock-out – good feature, but we have seen it – however the ‘give’ incase you hit a bump is nice, but again it’s a necessary feature and we have been down that trail with a couple different saddles.

Extra electronics, to get muddled in Mud, & go wrong at the worst time possible, like that epic Mt biking trip.  To me electronics also mean updates: which will be first the Hardware or the Software?

Extra wires that may get caught by branches or prickly brier.

Also, for those that like to have a Garmin – Heart Rate monitor – Power Tap – or Cyclometer on their bike; 1 of your spots to mount any 1 of these gadgets seems to be taken already – and I’m willing to bet that if you are into gadgets then you have more than 1 of these already.

I think that if the 1 part of this fork that comes to market is the climbing mode & is controlled as simply as the current lock-out; then that would be freakin’ sweet and potentially affordable.

Mad props to Stanley Song that has headed this all up at Cannondale!

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