Non Gator Aide

I’m done with my obsession. After years of filling water bottles and mid-day re-hydration bottles with Gatorade, I’m moving on! I always thought what the ads told me. I liked the commercials. I like the slogans. I even liked some of the Athletes that endorsed it. I didn’t like the label….once my attention was drawn to it.

Is ‘it’ in you? Is what in me? sugars and 1 of 3 electrolytes? artificial coloring (Yellow 5)? Not any more, I do enjoy the taste of sugar when I’m thirsty, but ‘it’s more important to me that it is doing my body Good & not just satisfying my taste buds.

But another problem is what is going to fill the void of properly hydration with out all the sugar…..NUUN. Where has this product been? Luckily a nutritionist/endurance racer Namrita mentioned them to me. Good ingredients that re-supply the electrolytes, not all the sugar and….. AND natural ingredients.

Nuun comes in a tube of 12. You simply drop 1 in 16oz. (I use a Nalgene bottle or cycling bottle) and give it about 3 minutes to dis-solve. Expect a carbonation taste/feel to the drink, only sorta like a soft drink, but NOT as sweet! They come in several different flavors – I’m still trying different one’s, today is Citrus Fruit, but the Lemon-Lime has been my favorite so far. Although, the Tri-Berry in the morning, did taste a lot like the Sweet Water Brewery Blue that night….but I’m sure that is random memory, taste flashback.

Usually I can tell the effects from a Nuun tablet on my hydration level before I finish the liter of water I put it in (Nalgene bottle). I will take 1 of these on the way to a ride and 1 after the ride to re-hydrate.

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