My Tracks GPS Droid App review

Today I got out for a Mountain bike spin with my dog Apollo. We headed out for a ride around Chicopee woods before the storm hit the Atlanta area.

The great thing about taking Apollo Mt biking is that we both get exercise for the day. I can do a loop with him, then head back out for a bigger loop by myself. After riding/running both of us are more relaxed. In fact 1 of my favorites sayings is “A tired dog is a good dog!”. And I guess that goes for all dogs, ha!

Tired trail dog

I have a strong like for maps! I can go over maps before going somewhere & after getting back. I guess maybe it is a orientation thing, from when I used to explore as a kid?

Anyway, here is the GPS from the Droid app ‘My Tracks’. I recently downloaded it & have been using a couple times now to orient myself with it. So far, I really like the app, however, it does eat up the battery.

The cool side is I can still post up to different websites that I may want to update.
The downside is that although it is on my phone, the elevation does not show up on the websites that I post to.

View 2011-02-28 Mt Bike in a larger map

I really like the look and set-up of the Garmin website that you can post your data too. The summaries for the stats of a ride are much clearer & more information is offered.
I did finally find that if you click the ‘end’ link, it will pop-up a summary for you – which is best viewed in Google Chrome.

I do like the price of ‘My Track’ better – FREE. Since I don’t see the need to dish out over $300 on the Garmin (that I would want, if I got 1) then this free app will do just fine for now.

Some previous video of the Chicopee trail…. why do I always put the crashes at the end of the videos?

Any suggestions for a similar/better app to Garmin for a Droid, please let me know!

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  1. Nice commentary. last thirty times I uncovered this online internet internet site and desired to permit you be conscious that i’ve been gratified, heading by way of your site’s posts. I should undoubtedly be signing just as as a whole lot since the RSS feed and may wait around for yet another post. Cheers, Glen

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