I’ve got the sickness

Looks like what is starting out to be another rainy weekend in Atlanta…. just as well for me, I’ve got a stuffed-up nose and a scratchy throat. But that doesn’t mean that I am just sitting around.
Yesterday I did an easy workout @ the gym, well, less challenging exercises, but we still got a good sweat going. Then I got the dog out for a long walk, with a couple jogs thrown in randomly.
I kept the Heart Rate at a reasonable level, much lower than I usually would have. When I’m not feeling well, I still try to get out, but my goals for the workout change. I try to keep my HR under 140. That way I can still get moving, but I don’t tax my body, but rather get the blood flowing and re-circulating.
It’s important NOT to tax the body while it is attempting to fight off a Virus or infection. The body can only fight 1 battle at a time & getting well should be your first priority – because it is for the body!

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