How to have warm fingers

I was running late to meet my team-mates one cold winter morning, so I rushed to get dressed in the cold weather. By the time I got dressed, I had gotten pretty chilled and to make it worse, I could not find my heavy gloves. So I quickly put on a pair of the heaviest gloves I had. Unfortunately, these gloves were not exactly ‘wind proof’, and it wasn’t long into the ride that I realized my fingers were not only cold, but were getting colder as we rode along, and starting to tingle.

My fingers got so cold, that I had to turn around and go back to the car and drive home to warm them back up. While I was at home, I was able to find my warmer gloves and since I was so close to the ride, I went back out for the ride. This time I parked the warm car and hopped on the bike with the heavy gloves on. As I rode several miles I realized that my fingers were now almost too warm.

Since then, I’ve been cautious to make sure I have proper gear for the current temperatures, but also to dress, then if needed, warm back up in the car or building before starting the ride! It will make a big difference in the comfort and duration of your ride.

Another tip is when you stop and go inside – unzip and/or take off your jacket to warm up your body. A heavy jacket that is worn while inside will just keep out the warm air from reaching your body, and you will still be cold when you go back outside. If you warm-up while inside and then put your jacket back on while you go outside, you will be warmer.

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