How to have a conversation while cycling

1 of the things that I’ve noticed and I believe has been scientifically backed, is that I think better when moving. I think of great posts to blog & I often have great conversations with those I cycle with. 1 of those conversations was Wednesday on the way to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving I stopped by my old college room mates house and we went for a 35 miler…. I can’t say easy b/c when I asked if it was flat, his response was ‘as flat as it gets around here’. Ask the guys that raced the Tour d’ Georgia – it was really the Mts that get ya, it was the MANY rollers you have to get yourself over to get to the Mts!
When chatting with friends while cycling is different than chatting in person.  As most Americans tend to look at each other while having a conversation, this can be dangerous while cycling!  Instead, it is best to still watch what is going on around you while talking.  It is too easy to get caught in the conversation and miss a obstruction in the road, or another vehicle on the road.  Remember your safety and the safety of others around you are at stake!

But I hadn’t seen my old room mate in almost 5 months, so it was great to catch up w/ a buddy that no matter how long it’s been, you catch back up and are picking on each other in 5 minutes.
So many people catch up over a meal…. next time try having a great conversation with a friend on a easy bike ride, you will be amazed how easily the conversation flows like a crank with no chain…. or something like that :)

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