How to get rid of Cement Legs

When I first started personal training, suddenly I found myself standing for several hours a day. I was a young guy, so that didn’t seem to really bother me. However, it effected my cycling greatly! My wattage, training strength, and racing abilities were suffering….. it was like I was pedaling squares. But this was the opposite effect that I was looking for – I wanted a flexible schedule to train so that I could be a stronger racer!

Basically what was happening is that a lot more blood was pooling in my legs that what I was used to. I was in the early part of the race season – April – and this was having ill effects on me.

It took me a couple weeks of figuring out how to counter-act the required number of hours that I now had to be standing all day. It was mainly trial and error that I even figured it out. What I started to note was that by Sunday, I would begin to feel like my usual self on the bike. But that made sense, because I was working Monday thru Friday and training and/or racing on the weekends.

What I had to do was ‘spin-out’ my legs every evening after work.

Whether I went out and cycled mid-day or not, at the end of the day, I had to spin. Even if it was a day off the bike, I would go down stairs and spin on the rollers for 15-20 minutes. I wouldn’t do a hard ride, I would just get on the bike and spin an easy gear. I normally didn’t even get my Heart Rate over 130 or so – I would just get the blood pumping some. The difference that this made for me was huge. I felt like my old cycling self again and not someone that had trouble holding the race-pace.

An added benefit to spinning out the legs was that to occupy your mind, you can do spin-ups and ILT’s. So your spin will get faster, smoother and more effective with less loss of energy all at the same time.

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