How to deal with being sick

After thinking that I was not going to get sick this winter, I did end up coming down with something. I try to be very careful about washing my hands. But as careful as I try to be, I still came down with a virus.

This virus was a little different for me. During the day, I actually felt decent enough that I almost thought I was getting better. Then later that evening, the symptoms would come around again.

A 70 degree day and a bike ride in the Mountains is hard to pass up, but it is necessary. Even though you may feel decent and think that you are good enough to start training again, it is best to take it easy. It is important NOT to tax the body while it is attempting to fight off a Virus or infection. The body can only fight 1 battle at a time and getting well should be your first priority – because it is first priority for your body!

I still try to get out, but my goals change. I keep the Heart Rate at a much lower level than I usually would otherwise. I try to keep my HR under 130 and keep the duration under an hour. That way I can still be moving, but I don’t tax my body, but rather get the blood flowing and re-circulating. Another option that I will do is to just got for a walk. It helps to get yourself out of the house and breathe some fresh air.

Just like an injury an illness can be dragged out for an extended length of time if you do not allow the body to fight the virus. It is very hard for competitive athletes to not do what they most want to do, but if you listen to your body, you will usually make the correct decision about your training.

Once you do start to feel better, then take a week to slowly build back up to the mileage AND intensity.
1. reason for this is that it will allow the body more time to fully get over the sickness.
2. It allows your body to re-adapt to the training regimen instead of being thrown right back into the mix.

~To good Health!

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