Four Hour Body review

Jim at Hodgson Co Marketing suggested a book to me, that he is reading.

Take a look at some of the mixed reviews in the comments section on Amazon!

Although it isn’t going to drastically change my eating – I lean towards Paleo diet, eating mainly meat, veggies, it has me cutting back on cheese & sugar [just in my coffee & replaced with Cinnamon], so far.
Also, I have added much more vegetables than I would normally eat, including Sauerkraut, Kimchee, and spinach.

And, it has gotten me over my ‘fear’ of eating too many beans. I have had a week of beans and no smelly side-effects. In fact, I notice more side effects from broccolli (your flatulence may vary).


I think a big difference maybe the regular timing of measurements. I used to take my measurements whenever the mood struck. I have recorded my baseline of where I am at, after taking a lot of the Winter off to work on this website.

UPDATE: In about 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds, and my jeans fit much better around the waist. I find that I have been tucking in my shirts much more often than several weeks ago!

I’m anxious to get to the section about sleeping also – or rather how to go on less sleep and not feel tired.

UPDATE: I downloaded the electricSleep for Droid and have been using it overnight. The main thing that this does is allow the alarm to go off when I am not in REM (deep sleep), which allows you to wake feeling more refreshed.

Speaking of sections, I like how T.Ferris tells you to read the first several chapters, then jump around and absorb what interests you most. As long as you follow the info first laid out in the book, you can then read more about specific sections that interest you. Isn’t this the way learning should be!?


UPDATE: A very interesting chapter! TFerris got an insulin meter installed into his body and watched his blood sugar changes after eating different foods… This showed some interesting information!
A) It is not what you eat, it is what enters your bloodStream!
B) The amount of time it takes nutrients to actually enter the bloodstream is different than what most have thought!
C) the length of time it takes some nutrients to actually reach the blood stream is much longer than we realized. much longer. I used to try to finish a ride with out using another gel – whoops, making my recovery worse! Get those nutrients INTO the body BEFORE you finish!

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