Dupont Trail system

There is good reason why this trail network no longer a local unknown favorite! What I liked most about Dupont was that you can find large variations of terrain on a single Mt bike ride.

They have groomed trails that you would find at trails that see a lot of weekly riders. All the way to sections of rocky drop-offs sections that most would rather walk down, just in case. 1 trail that we did was a large section of Rock, The Cedar Rock trail, where your only guide is some specifically placed tree limbs & pyramid pile of rocks to use as guide markers. This is the closet I have ever been to the feeling of riding SlickRock, in Moab, Utah.


Then there was Ridgeline. A trail so sweet, that when I rode up, I got more and more excited about the descent back down!
As we rode up, I stopped & got a picture of a Berm that was up to my eyeballs. This trail is just a slip & slide, glide down an easy grade with just enough grade that you don’t have to pedal much to maintain speed & just enough curves to keep you honest & give that feeling of playing Star Wars & blasting through a field of trees. Wheeeee!

view of ceasar's head

Dupont seems to be made up of a network of trails that are mainly .5 miles to 1 mile long. I was lucky that I was riding w/ friends that had been there before, but for ‘unguided’ riders, it would take a map & lots of stopping to check that map. Even our guide for the day had to re-check the map several times.

~ Don’t expect cell service in this area – even with 1 of the better coverage providers, I didn’t get cell service with my Droid Incredible until about 12 miles down off the Mountain.

~Another con (for some folks) will be that you can get out pretty far away from your car…. or maybe it just like I was that lost?

Presenting Bridal Falls

~There is a water-crossing that you will most likely have to dismount & shuffle across. The day we were there the water was about a foot deep and the crossing is just at the crest of the waterfall, with rapidly moving water. The rocks were very slick.

~ A lot of the trails seemed to be connected to other trails by Fire roads.

~ There maybe horses on the trail – we encountered horses both Saturday and Sunday when we were there – each time the horseback riders were very friendly, and everyone passed by friendly & easily.

Friendly bike rack

~You can get wide variations of terrain in a single days ride. If you are new to this area you will ride groomed sections on 1 trail and then ride gnarly sections on the next.

~ Ridgeline maybe one of the best trails in the South East!

~ You are never too far from water. With 3 waterfalls, and a couple stream crossings.

~ There are several parking lots, so you can get closer to a certain section of trail, and each parking lot doesn’t seem as busy.

~There are several variations of terrain that you will be exposed to. But if rock drop-offs aren’t your thing, you will only see that in a couple sections, or you could easily avoid them.

~ Well maintained trails that also give you the feel of being further from civilization than you actually are.

~Scenery changes that give you the feel of different areas terrain nestled in the Foothills of the Mountains.

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