Cyclist Strength training Myths

There are some myths and mis-information about weight training for cycling.

Myth: Going to the gym will improve your cycling.
If you follow a good plan will be True, however this can also be False.

Myth: I’m doing crunches to work on my core.
The purpose of your core is stabilization. Most people are already in a position of a flexed spine (for example, one a bike or hunched at a desk) and doing crunches only effects 1 small part of your overall core.

Myth: Do what the body builders do.
This is False – an Athlete and a body-builder have very different goals.

Myth: Working out will just make you bulk up and carry extra weight on the climbs.
Please, You see everyone in the gym looks Huge? No, because everyone has different nutrition, workout frequency, and different workout intensity. The Big guys are always at the gym, and almost always doing single joint exercises, and often doing very low reps to failure.

Myth: Doing exercises that work both legs at the same time.
This is fine for some people, however, you should have a goal of doing a Single Leg squat. Again athletes have different goals from body builders. So try 4-6 weeks of squats, then lunges, then try the single-leg squats.

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