Cycling Church vs. Religion

I see that some people post comments about attending cycling “church”.

It got me thinking about different rides that I have ridden before – but I like the use of the church vs. religion to convey that meaning I felt.

I used to Mt bike the local Atlanta trails quite often, with the occasional trip to the Mountains to ride the trails there. Doing the 90 minute drive to the Mountains for the day or for the weekend was tough to do.

THEN, I was able to move closer to the Mountains. I started to discover a big difference between Mt biking some local trails and heading up over a mountain with plans to explore trails that only a handful of people may know about.

I found that I could text only 2 or 3 of my friends about where I was starting, and where I expected to come out at. Many others would have no idea where either of these two points were.

My pack changed from tubes & water – to ‘12 long haul essentials‘.

It was after doing this for a summer, and seeing a few friends posts that I started to realize that there was a big difference in the sensations of going for a ride at the local trails (which are Great!) and going for that long haul in the mountains.

I started to figure that for me, going to the local trails and pounding out some miles was the going to ‘church’.

But going to the mountains and exploring, getting lost, finding new trails, landmarks, waterfalls, and barely making it back to the car before sundown – that my friends is my religion.

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2 thoughts on “Cycling Church vs. Religion”

  1. Thanks for your post! What a privilege to have access to “trails less traveled!”

    Actually, I am a pastor and was actually introduced to mountain biking by my senior pastor when coming on staff with him.

    He has since moved away but I have been growing every year in my biking experiences. Just recently, I had a chance to ride a record (for me) 40 miles at the Fork Area Trail System. When I crossed the 40 mile mark, I flopped over, hit the ground, and started crying like a 40 year old baby (it was my 40th birthday actually).

    I think the rush of emotions came from just the since of the Lord allowing the last 4 years to flash before my mind as I looked out into His beautiful wooded creation.

    I guess you could say that even being a pastor, I felt like God took me to “church” that day!

    Thanks again for your story!

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