Lower Back Pain

Do you have lower back pain while or after cycling? Many people do! How to find the cure and solve this issue has been a problem for many people, but here is a quick guide on how to solve these problems before it stops your cycling mileage.

Repetitive muscle usage causes tightness. If those muscles don’t get lengthened out, they can limit range of motion causing other muscles to compensate. Compensation + time = increased risk of injury. Athletes know that the number 1 way to improve is to NOT get injured!! Injuries can sideline you for months or more at a time. During that time you loose strength, stamina, and endurance. Proper muscle length – tension is a vital factor in preventing injuries.

Properly applied pressure, or myofascial release, can deactivate these trigger points. By using myofascial release, you can help you to break the cycle of pain, relieve bodily tension and pave the way for healing.

Myofascial release will reduce the chances of injury, and increase muscle regeneration which allows you to train harder on your next workout. By putting pressure on tight spots along the muscle helping trigger the relaxation of the muscle fibers, helping to dissipate the knots, increases blood flow, and enhances movement. Flexibility is an important part of gaining and maintaining a healthy range of motion for your joints.

For cyclists and triathletes rolling out can increase aero-dynamics through increased flexibility. The more that you loosen the tight muscles in your butt and hamstrings the lower you will be able to ‘comfortably’ lean over the (aero) handlebars, increasing aerodynamics.

As much as 90% of an athletes power goes into overcoming wind resistance. The bike consists of only about 25% of the aero-dynamics and the human body is about 75% of the aero-dynamics. Therefore, a more aero-dynamic position will create big gains! And remember the most aero-dynamic position is the one that you can comfortably stay in for the duration of the event. Loosening the restrictive muscles will increase comfort while in an aero-dynamic tuck.

Here is the Full Guide to Myofascial Release

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