Creating cycling video tips

When creating cycling videos, we can learn alot from the creators of videos that end up going viral. Check out a couple recent videos.
Here is a clip of Specialized doing commercials/advertising correctly.

Specialized Beats from WhiteNoise | Lab on Vimeo.

I wonder if Specialized had much to do with the creation of that video? Was this the artists way of showing off their abilities/creativity or was there some ‘grant money’ involved?

This isn’t Specialized’s first time to realize how this kind of advertising can make a big impression, here is another 1 that Specialized did for the holidays:

But cycling has gotten into the foray after a car maker used a similar concept to have a video go viral:

Now, when thinking about creating a video remember some important tips – for you and me:

~Try to keep the scenery changing
~Have something worth watching, something exciting – everyone has very short attention spans
~Also, keep it short and sweet – again attention…. squirrel!
~Having music that is either timely or that your target audience appreciates
~With cycling videos I have found that they are much more exciting when you are following someone

“It isn’t perfect when nothing more can be added, it is perfect when nothing more can be removed”.

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