Heart Rate Based Programs

# Monthly Heart Rate based Training Programs
# Winter core strength training plans
# Nutritional Advice and guidance
# Race Preparation
# Mental Motivation and improvement
# Riding/Racing Skills Development
# Equipment advice
# Email access and weekly client initiated phone calls
# $50 monthly;

# Although the use of Power meters has not made the HR monitor totally obsolete, it has made the HR monitor secondary to power, or more accurately it has made heart rate a smaller part of the whole picture that one gets with power meters.

# So you finally went and got one of those power things for your bicycle. You watch the numbers come across the screen and you check your numbers after your weekly ride. You check the average numbers and hope that they go up after each ride…….now watt? Now you need to start training with power.

Why use Wattage
# Pacing your efforts or race – it can take your HR up to 4 minutes to catch up to your effort – Watts are instantaneous
# Race review – and being able to train for those efforts
# Too many “other” factors can effect your Heart Rate
# Quantifiable workouts and testing
# Know when too much is too much
# Use wattage output as goals to improve your TT time on a specific course
# Wattage can be used to “predict” threshold wattage for longer distances without the need for doing them.
# It is a rolling bike lab; make a bike adjustment and retest and see the difference in HR-power& speed!

Power Based Programs
# Monthly Power Training Programs based on your abilities
# Race and ride power review and analysis
# Guidance with Skills Development
# Guidance with race Strategies and Tactics
# Dietary guidance – on and off the bike
# Equipment advice
# Email access and client initiated phone calls
# $145 monthly;

Coach Stephen Carhart is based in Georgia. Stephen is focused on assisting clients to reach their goals, whether your goals are fitness or competition based.

Along with developing bicycle training schedules Stephen believes in developing a cyclists knowledge level as an athlete, which includes winter strength training, handling skills, race tactics, and pack strategies.

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