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Here is the info that you need to get Stronger on the climbs and Faster on the Bicycle!

Get the Program that
~Pro-Cyclist Daniel Holt 2x National Track Elite Points Champion & Team Type 1 member

~Pro Cyclist Tim Henry (former West Viginia, Jittery Joe’s, & rider/director for Team Type 1)

~ADIDAS sponsored Pro Runner Jennifer Feenstra (2nd place at Canadian National Marathon)

~Georgia Chain Gang Jerome Rossetti and Tony Myers used to get into the best shape possible before the 2010 RAAM – Race Across America. They finished in 7days!

~Monte Hewitt – training for La Ruta 2010, owner of Monte Hewett Homes

~Tri-athlete John Hardy, 50+ age grouper and owner of John Hardy Group

What have these outstanding individuals all used to advance their sport to the next level, my strength training techniques!

Strength – a $24.95 value
To Climb Stronger there is something that is really important: your strength foundation must come first if you want to climb Stronger! You must first become a stronger cyclist and this program is set up so that you build that strength! This program is set-up to create legs like pistons!

The program starts with core and stabilization exercises. They may sound easy or remedial, but they can be very challenging, in fact most of my clients dis-like doing stabilization the least because it is challenging.

Strength exercises that are going to give your legs the basic strength. Then we are going to single leg exercises that are going to make sure each leg is equally as strong.

Plyometrics. I have included a lot of detailed information about doing plyometrics because you have to be careful of proper execution and not burning out from them. Trust me, if 2x National Champ & Pro cyclist Daniel Holt can feel burned out after 2 months, so can you.

Get all this:

$28.95 Fat Loss: – FREE!
$28.95 Stretching – FREE!
$28.95 Four things for Stronger Cycling – FREE!
$28.95 24 Windtraining Workouts – FREE!
$24.95 Stronger

Get over $100 of valuable information all for $24.95
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

4 Things for Stronger Cycling – a 28.95 value
This 4 part will teach you how to properly phase your on the bike training to maximize your time and training. It takes about 4-6 weeks of each phase for proper adaption to occur.

Power to Weight ratio: – a $28.95 value
Let’s face it, the most non-aero-dynamic thing on your bike is the motor. The more we can stream line that motor the faster the bike will be. In this package I have added all my dietary guidelines that many of my clients have used to loose large bodyfat percentages! I myself dropped 20 pounds in just over 2 months when I made some simple changes in my eating habits – and I hate being hungry, learn how to satisfy your hunger.

Stretching – a $28.95 value
Do you ever really take the proper amount of time to stretch? I know I never could. Then I learned techniques that allowed me to increase my range of motion, get more aero on the bike and in less time! And I will share them in this package.

24 Winter Wind-training Workouts – a $28.95 value
The Winter Wind Training classes is a series of on the bike workouts that will best prepare you for the Spring rides and upcoming race season. The workouts have been laid out so that you will come into the season in your best possible shape with out being burned out or fatigued.

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