Big Buck at White Tail Trail

Friday Amy and I headed out to Chicopee woods for some Mt biking. These trails are on the far Northeast from Atlanta & I live on the West side…. plus, a lot of Friday afternoon traffic which by leaving at 2:15 we thought we would be ahead of…? We finally made it too the trails at about 4, got the dogs out for a 3+ mile ride around 1 the Tortoise loop, then headed out to get in what we could before the 5:30 sunset.

We took a spin around the Red Tail loop & I saw about a 6 point buck along the backside of the loop! From there, we headed for the Outer loop. What a FUN ride!!
What is it about occasionally riding different trails that can be so much fun. I know the trail fairly well, but not like the local one’s that we ride so often.
Good Times & video coming soon!!

Here is the Video:

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