best cycling upgrade

Many cyclists are curious what the best upgrade for your bike is – but what we seldom want to consider is that the best upgrades is actually for the motor!

I saw a post by a friend that stated they got a new pair of wheels and then stated: “Hey, that’s the most important upgrade you can make!” I had to post that they go the best “bike” upgrade.

Cycling is all about each person’s ‘Power to Weight’ ratio. One of the main ways to increase your power to weight ratio is to either increase your power, or to reduce your weight. Ideally you would do both.

1. A problem with increasing your power is that many people have various methods for doing it. Also, you have to be very consistent and have a good plan both on and off the bike – this is where having coach helps.

2. The problem with reducing weight via the bike and components is that there is a high price vs. reward. BUT the most important part of the bicycle (the Motor) is where the most performance improvements can be made!

For instance, what is the greatest aero-drag, a bicycles motor. Where can ‘most cyclist’ shave the most weight? Probably their gut.
Last Spring I lost 10 pounds from my stomach area – I don’t think there is anywhere that you can loose 10 pounds from a bicycle (and still safely ride it), especially in a span of a couple months.

Gym goers and personal trainers have a saying: “Abs aren’t made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen” What can cyclists take from this is that health and peak performance begins with what you use to fuel your body.

Another great saying is that “you can’t out-train a bad diet”.

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