Why you shouldn’t drink nutrients while cycling

Cyclist should not try to add supplement drinks to all of their cycling bottles.

When I was racing I thought it was top priority to consume calories, so I started added supplement mixes into my cycling bottles… I think I started with Cytomax, or Gatorade. As the miles became longer and intense, so did my research into different products that could keep any cramps at bay. I tried many different products, but little did I realize that while ingesting calories, I was negating my actual thirst for just water. In a way, I was actually getting more dehydrated because my stomach wasn’t telling my brain that it was thirsty.

Yes, you need nutrients and calories while you cycle, however, you do not want to mix the nutrients with your water. This leads to too many calories in the stomach which makes the stomach give off the signals that it is satisfied – yet there may over-ride the signal to the body is thirsty.

So, Drink your Water and Eat your Food!