The purpose of ‘Stronger Cyclist’ to share information about how to become a faster, stronger endurance cyclist. From weight training, to VO2 Max testing, cycling workouts, bike handling, equipment, set-up, and gear!

If two cyclists weight the same and are on similar components, barring tactics, the cyclist that is 5% or stronger will always win. The thoughts contained in this blog are here to inform you how to increase your power-to-weight ratio.

At Stronger Cyclist we strive to bring out the best in each cyclist using years of experience in cycling and the gym to combine a cyclist that is lighter in weight, but much stronger! We do this by lowering body fat percentage while increasing core and leg strength. We use Functional techniques that forge legs into pistons.


We can assess body fat composition, recommend the proper exercise and diet prescription to achieve weight goals, and coach you along the way with specific cardiovascular training to assist you to reach your goals.

Why do you need a training plan?

As with any goals that you set for yourself, if it isn’t in writing, the likelihood of achieving the success you seek will be limited. We develop a personalized plan for you to follow to achieve your fitness or event-specific goal.


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