A Pro Workout

Tim came by the studio today for a workout, which consisted of 30 seconds and of: 30 seconds Balance Squats, 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds Hamstring (carpet)slides 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds Hover 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds push-ups 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds Cable Pull-downs 15 seconds rest; REPEAT 2 more times.
2nd circuit Body Rows, Single Leg Lunges – weighted, Dead Lifts, Band Rotations, Hovering on a BOSU.
By doing each exercise followed by an exercise of a different muscle group, you are challenging your cardiovascular system and firing up your metabolism. Also, you get your workout done quicker!

To follow that up, and continue preparing for old man winter, we did a chilly 1 hour spin on the bikes in the rain.

I didn’t get video of this workout, but here is a video of how NOT to work with a Stability ball:

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