A Dogs day of Cycling

Yesterday after a great workout, I was pretty energized and knowing the the high on Saturday was going to be 43 – I grabbed the dog and headed up to Blankets creek. It had been raining last week, so I opted for the dog to carry the GroPro helmet cam – as a trial run (literally for him!)
While we were out, we saw another Mt bike dog on another section of trail. It’s good to see other cyclists getting their dogs out for some exercise, but it also made me realize that not all trail dogs are the same.

Apollo and me Mt biking
Apollo and me Mt biking

For example, lots of trail dogs run behind the cyclist. NOT Apollo, once he is pooped-out he runs behind me…..but before then he is usually beside my left leg. How he is able to maintain this with out being A) run over B) wacking into trees is mainly b/c he stays alert to what is going on and he listens to my commands.
So, when I’m taking a hard hairpin to the left, I will tell him “heel” just ahead of time. This will slow him down a little and let him know to pay more attention to what I’m doing and about to do, just as it would when riding with another person.

Cycling with your dog can be lots of fun for both of you, especially if you both stay in-tuned with each other!

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