Rudolph’s red tail light

I just got back from a 1.5 hour ride in the dense Fog, wet roads of the Atl. I was a little nervous the whole ride about getting hit due to the lack of visibility because of the fog, and lack of daylight hours.
It is the time of year when your ride maybe cut short more by day light than by your energy levels…. I just finished putting new batteries in my Red tail lights and getting them back on to my 2 main bikes (road & Mt…er, 2Niner!).

The Sunset on your Ride Time

The Sunset on your Ride Time

I have come back twice at Dusk on a road that is rather busy, with cars rushing around to get home…. it’s dangerous, so I’m not going to further my endangerment by not having lights on and a RoadID on. Yes, it’s geeky, nerdy, whatever, but it’s not Dumb. I’m sure we are all cycling advocates, so why bother giving the motorists another reason to hate. This way if anything does happen, things are on my side….and guess what, the extra weight is an advantage when I take that off next season, and with it, there is a better chance of being around to cycle next season.

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