Winter weather forecast for 2012_2013

Once again the Farmer’s Almanac has come out with the 2013 Winter forecast for the U.S. (and Canada).
Here in the SouthEast it looks like it will be usual Cold and Wet. This seems like back to usual after a accurate forecast of a mild Winter last year.

NorthWest: Drier than normal.
Mid-West: Mild Winter with Average percipitation
SouthEast: Wet and Chilly? (What do they mean by Chilly?) I think they mean Chili.
NorthEast: The Norm – Cold & Snow.

Looks like Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania will have the harshest Winter, with sleet and ice storms.

Karma and Doping in Cycling

Here is my quick thought on doping in cycling & the trial against Lance Armstrong.

Recently what I couldn’t figure out was why were they going after LA again? Why so many years later?

As I said over 2 years ago, his ego has/is getting in his way.

Do I think LA doped? Yes.
Do I think many others were also? Yes.
Do I think that leveled the playing field? Yes.
Do I think doping alone made him a champion? NO.

Take a sprinter for example. Whether a sprinter dopes or not has no bearing on his ability and instinct to read a race, position himself, maneuver in the field & think of only the finish line. Doping may help make sure you are there for the sprint, but instinct and desire can be the difference between winning and pack fill.

As far as doping in cycling. These guys are ALL super talented – many dope to gain more money to put food on the table. It’s sad. But look at how many spectators watch the TdFrance – you think racing for three weeks over insane Mt passes is normal – of course they are doing drugs.

It is what the news corp. expect (a story), it is what the sponsors expect, It’s what the spectators Demand. They are gladiators, and their weapons are their legs, heart, and lungs, given momentum via a bicycle.

So, why go back so many years and possibly tarnish the core of where the money is coming from – the riders. Does this have more to do with KARMA than doping?

It seems that everyone that LA had association with, he used, chewed up, spit out & then accused of defamation if they dared say anything about what happened.

I think that the people that have learned of Armstrong through his foundation – LiveStrong – know a different, more polished version of him than the people that remember his early racing career.
How he was out-sprinted for several race wins. How he nearly always hung his head while on a podium. The reports of how brash he was in a race. The videos of him giving spectators ugly looks if they unwittingly were in his way.

You see his first wife – Kristin was a PR person (and was how they met). She polished him, she put the finishing touches on him that he needed to be a “champion for the people”. Anyone that stands on a top step is judged – but it is the person’s actions that determine whether they get a thumbs up, or a thumbs down from the audience.

I’m a fan of what LiveStrong has done for people. I have clients that have leaned on LiveStrong and the .org website for support while they had and were recovering from Cancer.

I’m not a fan of who Armstrong is as a person. But, I do not wish this case on him, afterall, I didn’t think he should have made a comeback after his 7 victories. Too risky. But I didn’t forget the young Pre-Cancer Armstrong we knew of, when I saw the champion Armstrong on the podium.