weight loss is for the off season

Sit around most any group of male cyclists and they will end up talking about their weight. A conversation so in depth that it would shock most women not in the cycling community. Besides shaving their legs, nearly all cyclists attempt to stay as light as possible, yet attempt to keep a high power to weight ratio. This is quite a challenge for almost everyone I know, but here are some thoughts on how to do this effectively.

To drop bodyfat, there are good ways and not good ways to go about it. For example, most people tend to just eat less, but Caloric deficit is one of the prime facilitators of over training and slow recovery.

I did a consultation with a 300 pound guy that said he was eating under 1200 calories a day, basically starving himself and only eating a dinner meal. Yes, the scale reads a lower number, but A) what is the bodyfat % are you loosing fat or muscle? you want less bodyfat and keep or add more muscle, especially since muscle burns more calories than food and B) what happens when you do start to eat more – your body has been in starvation mode and will pack on the fat reserves in preparation for the next starvation.

I don’t truly believe the numbers behind calories, however I get where it can make it easier for some people to understand their eating habits – but please do NOT tell me that 100 calories of cheezy poofs are equal to a 100 calories of broccoli.

It’s a tough balance because of the great advantages of weighing less in a sport where power to weight ratio can matter.

For cyclists doing LSD (Long Slow Distance) is a great time for work at ‘on the bike fueling‘. This is the time to have an alarm go off every 30 minutes and eat/drink a little. You will be amazed at the difference this will make.

When I do this well, I am usually starving at the end of a ride because my metabolism is fired up so much. But try to keep this steady supply of nutrition going and you metabolism will have less tendency to slow down!

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