Big Buck at White Tail Trail

Friday Amy and I headed out to Chicopee woods for some Mt biking. These trails are on the far Northeast from Atlanta & I live on the West side…. plus, a lot of Friday afternoon traffic which by leaving at 2:15 we thought we would be ahead of…? We finally made it too the trails at about 4, got the dogs out for a 3+ mile ride around 1 the Tortoise loop, then headed out to get in what we could before the 5:30 sunset.

We took a spin around the Red Tail loop & I saw about a 6 point buck along the backside of the loop! From there, we headed for the Outer loop. What a FUN ride!!
What is it about occasionally riding different trails that can be so much fun. I know the trail fairly well, but not like the local one’s that we ride so often.
Good Times & video coming soon!!

Here is the Video:

How to have a conversation while cycling

1 of the things that I’ve noticed and I believe has been scientifically backed, is that I think better when moving. I think of great posts to blog & I often have great conversations with those I cycle with. 1 of those conversations was Wednesday on the way to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving I stopped by my old college room mates house and we went for a 35 miler…. I can’t say easy b/c when I asked if it was flat, his response was ‘as flat as it gets around here’. Ask the guys that raced the Tour d’ Georgia – it was really the Mts that get ya, it was the MANY rollers you have to get yourself over to get to the Mts!
When chatting with friends while cycling is different than chatting in person.  As most Americans tend to look at each other while having a conversation, this can be dangerous while cycling!  Instead, it is best to still watch what is going on around you while talking.  It is too easy to get caught in the conversation and miss a obstruction in the road, or another vehicle on the road.  Remember your safety and the safety of others around you are at stake!

But I hadn’t seen my old room mate in almost 5 months, so it was great to catch up w/ a buddy that no matter how long it’s been, you catch back up and are picking on each other in 5 minutes.
So many people catch up over a meal…. next time try having a great conversation with a friend on a easy bike ride, you will be amazed how easily the conversation flows like a crank with no chain…. or something like that :)

A Quiet saddle bag

When you are out riding do the things on your bike rattle so bad, that you are never afraid of sneaking up on ANY wildlife?
Something that I have found useful, Especially on the Mt bike, is to wrap everything that is in my saddlebag. I personally use an old inner tube to wrap the extra CO2 cartridges & my pack tool. I have a friend that uses old socks to wrap up things in his saddlebag. This way when you are out on the rough section of trail, you don’t have things clanking around under your saddle!

Another good trick is to wrap some of these things together with duck-tape.  Then if you will have duct-tape around if you ever have a side-wall cut or similar.

A Pro Workout

Tim came by the studio today for a workout, which consisted of 30 seconds and of: 30 seconds Balance Squats, 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds Hamstring (carpet)slides 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds Hover 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds push-ups 15 seconds rest; 30 seconds Cable Pull-downs 15 seconds rest; REPEAT 2 more times.
2nd circuit Body Rows, Single Leg Lunges – weighted, Dead Lifts, Band Rotations, Hovering on a BOSU.
By doing each exercise followed by an exercise of a different muscle group, you are challenging your cardiovascular system and firing up your metabolism. Also, you get your workout done quicker!

To follow that up, and continue preparing for old man winter, we did a chilly 1 hour spin on the bikes in the rain.

I didn’t get video of this workout, but here is a video of how NOT to work with a Stability ball:

Weekend War-rior

A great weekend of (Finally) Mt biking! On Friday my dog Apollo & I headed up to Blankets Creek to meet Amy & Luna. We got in a lap at Dwelling w/ the dogs & then a lap at South loop before the sun was setting.
On Saturday I got to ride with Artur Sagat (Hungarian U23 National road podium’er), Ryan Murray @ Ride America 2010, his brother Eddy Murray & Chris ‘my last name is too long to post’ Constatine. I had forgotten how technical Big Creek is, as we swooped around the course 4 times. Artur chatting on all the climbs….. I’m hoping to finish the video clip of the ride this afternoon – I’ve crashed more the past 2 weekends – guess that what happens when you get amped up Mt biking!

Sunday I got in a true LSD ride! 50 miles at Silk Sheets…. I would have done more, but I left a lot @ Big Creek, plus my iPod died at mile 35 – I should have not left it out in the cold car the night before!

The Snooty Racers

I had the chance of getting out with a group of riders yesterday that stayed away from the main group, of racers! Because of our late start time the fast group doing the longer option was able to catch us on the way back to town.
Now it’s not what you think about each of them. There are some great folks in that group, you see it’s just that they are going to fast to be able to chat much. I saw 3 different groups Sunday morning & I rode with 2 of them. The 2 that were riding at a conversational pace were well… conversational. The 1 that wasn’t, well, they were too focused on the wheel in front of them to be chatty.
In the meantime on our ride, I got to meet some really cool laid back folks that were not interested in racing in November. The great thing about base mileage (conversational pace) is that you can chat with other people while taking turns at the front, making some jokes, getting to know other riders, all while still passing the mileage quickly!!