I’ve got the sickness

Looks like what is starting out to be another rainy weekend in Atlanta…. just as well for me, I’ve got a stuffed-up nose and a scratchy throat. But that doesn’t mean that I am just sitting around.
Yesterday I did an easy workout @ the gym, well, less challenging exercises, but we still got a good sweat going. Then I got the dog out for a long walk, with a couple jogs thrown in randomly.
I kept the Heart Rate at a reasonable level, much lower than I usually would have. When I’m not feeling well, I still try to get out, but my goals for the workout change. I try to keep my HR under 140. That way I can still get moving, but I don’t tax my body, but rather get the blood flowing and re-circulating.
It’s important NOT to tax the body while it is attempting to fight off a Virus or infection. The body can only fight 1 battle at a time & getting well should be your first priority – because it is for the body!

How to have warm fingers

I was running late to meet my team-mates one cold winter morning, so I rushed to get dressed in the cold weather. By the time I got dressed, I had gotten pretty chilled and to make it worse, I could not find my heavy gloves. So I quickly put on a pair of the heaviest gloves I had. Unfortunately, these gloves were not exactly ‘wind proof’, and it wasn’t long into the ride that I realized my fingers were not only cold, but were getting colder as we rode along, and starting to tingle.

My fingers got so cold, that I had to turn around and go back to the car and drive home to warm them back up. While I was at home, I was able to find my warmer gloves and since I was so close to the ride, I went back out for the ride. This time I parked the warm car and hopped on the bike with the heavy gloves on. As I rode several miles I realized that my fingers were now almost too warm.

Since then, I’ve been cautious to make sure I have proper gear for the current temperatures, but also to dress, then if needed, warm back up in the car or building before starting the ride! It will make a big difference in the comfort and duration of your ride.

Another tip is when you stop and go inside – unzip and/or take off your jacket to warm up your body. A heavy jacket that is worn while inside will just keep out the warm air from reaching your body, and you will still be cold when you go back outside. If you warm-up while inside and then put your jacket back on while you go outside, you will be warmer.

The Wind Vest

Riding through the winter is made much more easier if you have the proper clothing! Layers is the key to being comfortable for those cold winter days. With layers it is possible to leave things on or take layers off. We all know we need to layer, but how and with what can be tricky sometimes.

A trick of mine is to wear a vest either outside a winter jacket or inside the winter jacket. Sounds odd until you try it. Some rides you get too warm on cold days, so you unzip the jacket, then the cold air is too cold on your chest, but the rest of you is sweating. The solution is the vest! It allows the air to enter the jacket with out directly hitting the chest. Now you have 3 different layers, each with it’s own zipper to moderate temperature AND air flow!

So try experimenting with the layers that you wear AND how you wear them!

Cycling in the Winter Wonderland

Well it seems that with all the rain that we have been getting in Atl, the weather has pushed through fall and straight into winter. The high today will barely get above 50 with overnight lows below 30.
It is time to get out those knee and arm warmers, booties, wool socks, gloves & knit hats for cycling.
With weather like this you still need to remember your sunscreen! 2 main reasons. 1. If you are out in the sun, its just a good idea – ask anyone who has skin cancer. 2. The sunscreen will actually add a layer of warmth on bare skin! For the face, hands and shins, it can make a difference (even under your gloves).